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Reduce prep time while you create professional-looking starters, main dishes and desserts. Perfect for people who love to cook, but don't have a lot of space in their kitchen.

Choose from three thicknesses before or during slicing. Adjusting the thickness setting on the MandoJunior is easy and can be done with one hand. Evenly sliced ingredients make for more even cooking.

Minimize leftovers thanks to the food guider.

It's easy to use the MandoJunior on your countertop, cutting board, serving plate, platter or directly over your favorite Tupperware product to cook in.

The anti-skid rim all around holds it firmly in place, while the food guider protects your hands while slicing.

The MandoJunior can slice soft and hard-skinned fruit and vegetables like apples, avocados, bananas, carrots, endives, kiwis, mangos, melons, parsnips, sweet potatoes... You can even slice Emmentaler or other medium-hard cheeses: perfect for sandwiches or breakfast cheese boards.


Our MandoJunior helps you create perfectly even slices with every cut. What’s more, it’s designed to be safe, compact and super easy to use. The inclined blade on the mandoline slicer slices fruit and vegetables in 3 different thicknesses. Compact and perfect for slicing all kinds of fruits, vegetables and potatoes.

Ultra fast & powerful blade: Makes slicing more effective and efficient. Can slice 3 kiwis in 30 seconds!

Multipurpose for everyday use: A must-have for creating professional-looking starters, main dishes and desserts.

Great results: Evenly sliced ingredients make for more even cooking. You can select from three different thicknesses!

Saves time: Reduces prep times of vegetables and fruits. You can slice 1kg/2lbs of potatoes in less than 2 minutes!

Zero cooking experience required: Food guider helps safely and quickly slice ingredients. 

Stores in small spaces: Thanks to its compact size it fits in most drawers and also can be hung vertically.

Anti-skid rim all around: On a cutting board, or over a bowl, the MandoJunior stays safely in place while slicing.


  • Material
    Full Product: SEBS, PBT, POM, ABS, PP, Stainless Steel
  • Metric / US Dimensions
    Full Product: W 10.9 x H 4.7 x L 27.8 Ø - cm / W 4.3 x H 1.9 x L 10.9 Ø - inch


Always use the Food Guider when using the MandoJunior.​

Cut long ingredients in half for better handling.

Always keep your product locked when not in use for safety.​

If using high-staining ingredients on the MandoJunior, wipe it down with a paper towel and olive oil before washing to reduce stains. ​

Wash the blade carefully, as it is extremely sharp. When washing by hand, use a brush to avoid touching the blade.

How to Assemble?

1) The MandoJunior comes fully assembled with the finger protector.
2) When reassembling the product after cleaning, lay the MandoJunior on the countertop, with the blade facing down.
3) Push down the movable surface of the MandoJunior with one hand.
4) While pushing down the movable surface with one hand, position one side of the slider at the body.
5) Make sure the pin at the side of the slider is placed in the cut-out at the side of body where the thickness is indicated.
6) Pull the end of the other side of the slider toward the middle of the body to push the slider down.
7) Let the pin of the slider fit in the cut-out.
8) Release the movable surface.
9) Bring the MandoJunior to its locking position.

How to Disassemble?

1) The MandoJunior comes fully assembled and includes finger protector. All parts easily come apart for cleaning.
2) Lay the MandoJunior on the countertop, with the blade facing down.
3) Push down on the movable surface of the MandoJunior with one hand.
4) While pushing down the movable surface with one hand, place the thumb from the other hand at one end of the slider.
5) Pull the end toward the middle of the MandoJunior body until the pin at the side of the slider is released from the opening at the sides of the body.
6) Remove the other side of the slider.
7) Release the movable surface.

How to Adjust Thickness Setting?

Adjusting the thickness setting on the MandoJunior is easy and can be done with one hand.
Hold the MandoJunior at the handle with one hand. The thumb is on the top of the handle, the other finger goes underneath it.

Reach with your finger for the slider. The slider has a rim at the short side to provide a good grip.

Starting from the locked position, pull the slider toward the handle to get to the first thickness setting.

You will hear a click and feel more resistance when the slider has snapped into place.

The innovative slider design lets you change thicknesses during use to prepare your favorite dishes without slowing you down. The closer you slide the slider toward he handle, the more you increase the gap between the body and the blade, leading to thicker slices.

How to Clean?

Wash and dry your product before first use.

To clean the MandoJunior, disassemble slider from body. We recommend cleaning the MandoJunior immediately after use.

The MandoJunior is dishwasher-safe at a low setting, but for greater durability, handwashing is recommended.

Best to dishwash finger protector in open position for efficient cleaning.

Thoroughly dry the MandoJunior body and slicer. Be careful! DO NOT touch the blade with your fingers.

Store MandoJunior with slider in locked position.

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